New Brotherhood Welfare Program

The program is being held in Kelantan and Kedah in collaboration with the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) to support new relatives of various ethnic groups. Activities included pilgrimage, counseling, Fardhu 'Ain class, material aid, educational assistance, Holidays Celebration in Islamic motivational courses and Qurban.

Dakwah Program in Ranau, Sabah

The program has been conducted since 2007 in several villages and similar activities for Aboriginal people have been conducted for Dusun people. A building was purchased as a teacher's home for Sumbiling Village where the Fardhu 'Ain class is held for children and adults. Fardhu 'Ain classes for children and adolescents are also held in Kg. Matupang, Mutual and Murongin Dua, Ranau. Orphans and the Poor and Muallaf who were taken into the House of Prince of Hope Ranau. Adolescents are also brought to study at PULDOA and IDIP, Kelantan