The PPDOA is a sub-unit under the Al-Khalifah Foundation led by Dato Dr Hj Abdul Razak Bin Haji Kechik. This unit is actively involved in community activities and da'wah to the indigenous societies throughout the country.


Integrating Indigenous people with the multi racial society in our country

To assist in building up character through educational, welfare, and socio-economic activities.

To encourage da'wah efforts and the development of religious understanding among marginalized societiy.


Visit to the Indigenous Village

Visits are scheduled on a regular basis each month at the Indigenous villages throughout Kelantan, Perak, Pahang, Kedah, Johor and Selangor by holding various activities such as medical treatment, banquets, donations of clothing, food supplies, sports, agriculture, livestock etc. They were also taken out for study visits, advanced medical treatment and attend courses at the Kok Lanas Indigenous Training Center.


Ihya Ramadan and the Qurban

During the month of Ramadhan, the Ihya' Ramadhan (Revival of Ramadhan) program is held where volunteers go to the Indigenous villages to fast, hold a joint iftar and prayer followed by an open house after Eid. Goods such as glutinous rice, beef/chicken and the likes are provided for certain villages to enable the indigenous people to celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr. During the Eid Adha, slaughter of Qurban is held at certain villages.

Agriculture and Livestock

The seeds of fruits, vegetables and rubber are supplied to the Indigenous for their farming activity. So far, 30,000 rubber buds have been supplied to the Indigenous at Tuel, Kuala Mu, Tohoi, Pasik and Simpor posts.
Goats and chicken farming are held at suitable villages. Five villages have been raising livestock for the past five years and these efforts have brought in little revenue for the people.


Training and Da'wah for Indigenous People

An Indigenous Training and Da'wah Center (PULDOA) ​​has been established since 1995 at the waters of KADA Kok Lanas, Kota Bharu to train the indigenous, newly converts and youth in the religious affairs. Short-term courses are held periodically for newly convert Indigenous for two weeks with the aim of knowing Islam and Islamic Understanding Courses are held annually for a period of four months. The students who have done well will further their studies at the Institute Dakwah Perkim (IDIP) (Perkim Preaching Institute) at Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu.


A total of 22 public halls were built in places that needed to be a Community Activities Center and a place for lodging for foreign entities and visitors, in partnership with local materials. A mini hydro has also been built in Kg. Tuel, Gua Musang to supply electricity for potato and banana processing plants. The factory building was also built. A mosque has also been built in Kg. Tuel in cooperation with Bangsar Mosque, MAIK and JHAIK.


Islamic Youth Co-operative of Kelantan Berhad Berhad (KOBIKA)

The KOBIKA Cooperation was established and approved on January 28, 2010 with the aim of developing Muslim communities in Kelantan. The cooperative is in the process of applying for government land for a farm.